Go new v1.9 released, Here is what it includes:

Ankit Kumar
1 min readAug 4, 2022

1. Go 1.19 adds a soft memory limit that can be controlled by the environment variable `GOMEMLIMIT` or runtime/debug.SetMemoryLimit.

2. Go 1.19 expands this pattern greatly by adding
`fmt.Append`, `fmt.Appendf`, `fmt.Appendln`. These functions work like `fmt.Print etc`. but instead of printing to standard out or an io.Writeror a string, they append to a byte slice, which allows for very precise control of memory allocation.

3. New `sort.Find` and sort algorithm(slightly similar to quicksort), It is `O(nlogn)` on average and in the worst case, but it has a best case time of O(n) that it can achieve in some cases, such as when the sequence is already sorted.

4. `go fmt` will clean up certain formatting issues with go doc comments. You can also include links in your doc comments, and it should display properly on `pkg.go.dev`

5. New `url.JoinPath` returns a URL string with the provided path elements joined to the existing path of base and the resulting path cleaned of any ./ or ../ elements.

6. New `time.Duration.Abs()` rounding down the time duration7. New `http.MaxByteErrorlets` you use errors. As to check for the error reliably and send a proper response. It also lets you see what the limit was that the client exceeded.

Thank You